By Train

A direct train (Odoriko or Superview Odoriko) runs from Tokyo Station to Izukyu Shimoda Station. A slightly faster way is to take the Shinkansen from Tokyo to Atami where you can  connect with the Odoriko or Superview Odoriko to Izukyu Shimoda. The best Shinkansan to take if your schedule permits is the Hikari 479 which leaves Tokyo station at 16:03. (still changing trains in Atami) Total travel time is less than 2 hours.


Trains Hikari 467 Kodama 651 Kodama 659 Hikari 479
Tokyo 10:03 11:26 13:26 16:03
Atami 10:42 12:12 14:12 16:42
Superview Odoriko 3 Odoriko 5 Odoriko 7 Odoriko 11
Atami 10:56 12:20 14:12 16:48
Shimoda 12:12 13:39 15:47 17:59

Note for parents: car#10 on Superview Odoriko has a play room for kids that is also equipped with a nursing/changing room – the ultimate way to travel with your little ones! Once at Shimoda station, get a cab and tell the driver to go to “Kisami no White Beach” (it is about 1,500 yen/10 min drive). Bon voyage!


Superview Odoriko 2 Odoriko 4 Odoriko 10
Shimoda 9:54 11:22 16:05
Atami 11:19 12:37 17:22
Train Kodama 640 Hikari 468 Kodama 664
Atami 11:28 13:01 17:28
Tokyo 12:17 13:40 18:17


Rental Car

If you want to rent a car while your here check out the following rental agency all located near Izukyu Shimoda station.

Nippon Rent a Car

#1 Rent a Car

Nico Nico Rent a Car


By Car

Traveling by road takes around three hours along the Tomei Expressway, Odawara-Atsugi Highway and the Manazuru Highway. Please input this telephone number in your car navigation system to pin point the hotel 0558- 23-0192. Please note this is not the hotel phone number, our new number does not show up yet on navi’s (technology – you have to love it huh!)

If you are lost or need more instructions always feel free to ring the hotel 0558-23-2039