By Train

  Direct trains (Odoriko or  Limited Express Super View Odoriko) run from Tokyo Station, Shinagawa or Shinjuku to Izukyu Shimoda Train Station. Depending on the time you travel, a slightly faster way is to take the Shinkansen from Tokyo to Atami where you can connect with the Odoriko or Super View Odoriko to Izukyu Shimoda. With later trains, you will need to transfer at Atami to the local train. You can check train schedules easily on Be sure to enter Izukyu Shimoda as your destination. 

  We recommend you take a taxi to the hotel once you arrive at Izukyu Shimoda Train Station. A taxi is the easiest way as all the taxi drivers know when trains arrive and line up outside the station. Just say White Beach Hotel, Ohama Beach and they’ll know. It’s about a ¥1,700 fare and will take about ten minutes. There is a bus that passes by our hotel once a day, leaving Izukyu Shimoda Train Station weekdays at 15:45 and weekends at 10:35. The regular bus service to Kisami bus stop (on route #135) is 1.4 km away.


Car Rental

If you wish to rent a car while you’re here, check out the following rental agents. All are located near Izukyu Shimoda station.

Nippon Rent a Car

#1 Rent a Car

Nico Nico Rent a Car


By Car

  Traveling by car from central Tokyo using the coast road takes around three hours along the Tomei Expressway, Odawara-Atsugi Toll Road then route 135 to Izukyu Shimoda. Using the Manazuru Toll Road and the Atami-Kaigen Expressway (Toll Road) along the way saves time avoiding quite a bit of traffic. Both will bring you back onto route 135 but avoid problem areas.

  For the mountain route, also roughly three hours, stay on the Tomei to Numazu, use the Numazu by-pass then follow route 136 to route 414 (Shimoda Highway) to Izukyu Shimoda. Both drives are very scenic.

  We are located 4.9 km from Izukyu Shimoda Train Station. Follow route 135 towards Yumigahama for 3.6 km. Take the left at the traffic light directly before Family Mart (0558-25-4377), you will see a sign for Toji and Ohama Beach. We are 1.3 km down the road on the right, just after the baseball field (the sea wall will be on your left), behind Sunnyside (0558-23-0192).

  If you are having trouble inputting the hotel phone number (0558-23-2039) in your car navigation system , please input our old telephone number (0558- 23-0192) to pin point the hotel. Please note this is not the hotel phone number, our new number does not yet show up on some navigational systems. You can also input the phone number of one of the local establishments mentioned in the previous paragraph or the Post Office number (0558-22-3492) which is across from Family Mart.

  If you are lost or need more instructions always feel free to ring the hotel 0558-23-2039