Tsunami Safety

The hotel architect and site surveyor have considered the issue of tsunami vulnerability and have advised us that the beach in front of the hotel is quite wide. A wall of water damaged the seacoast in Tohoku because it was funneled into a narrow passage. Water and wind speeds are increased by 2 when a passageway is halved.

Since our beachfront is wide and we have a large, flat, adjacent baseball field, which is actually a designated, overflow area, the water should not get as high as in the Tohoku region. The hotel itself is 5 meters above sea level while parking lot two is 10 meters above sea level. The top parking lot is the safest of all at 22 meters above sea level.

In addition, arms of land that surround much of the water protect the cove itself. A tsunami would have to hit the bay squarely for the full force of water to be felt. The tsunami-warning siren is adjacent to the hotel and is quite loud. It would be impossible for a guest to sleep through it. We would, in addition, rouse nonresponsive guests to evacuate in the event the siren sounded. On duty staff will check each room personally before evacuating themselves.

Our professionals feel confident that our guests can stay safely and sleep and play without worry. And we feel safe here with our family, including grandparents and a newborn.